2020/07/15 IQSTAR 1.1 Release

July 15 2020 

Maury Microwave and strategic partner AMCAD Engineering announce the latest release of IQS-series IQSTAR Circuit Measurement and Analysis Software.

New IQSTAR 1.1 features include
- I/Q Module for Modulated signal. This measurement configuration allows the extract dynamic AM-AM and AM-PM, EVM and EVM constellation using basic VSA. Indeed, with the new Waveform generator embedded in IQSTAR, the signals at the input and output are realigned to be demodulated in IQSTAR and therefore allowing a complete characterization of the device under modulated signal including ACPR, CCDF and Spectrum.
- The calibration wizard was enhanced with validation and reporting capabilities allowing the user to verify the calibration of the setup and compare it with previous validation reports to track the drift of the setup calibration over time. This feature optimizes the characterization process as it assures a good accuracy of the bench.
- 2-tones measurements are now possible using a scalar setup with power meters and spectrum analyzer. This feature allows simple and cost-effective scalar bench to complete the characterization of circuits under 2-tone signal as well as 1-Tone measurements.
- On-Wafer device testing is enhanced with the possibility to concatenate multiple S2P files in the same file and be able to analyze the data of a full wafer. This feature is essential when dealing with multiple wafer measurements and reduces the data processing. The pass and fail tests become trivial with the new feature in IQSTAR.

Additional improvements include
- Scalar Power calibration using 3 Power meters
- Reverse power seep
- New modulated measurements target: PAPR compression
- Calibration steps can be performed in any order for on-wafer calibration
- Increased number of historic measurements from 4 to 50 in real time viewer
- Improved 2-Tone measurement speed

More information regarding IQS-series IQSTAR Circuit Measurement and Analysis Software can be found here.